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Procurement List

How to Buy Products

While customers are encouraged to comparison shop between AbilityOne distributors for the best value, they cannot substitute commercial items for AbilityOne items, because AbilityOne products are mandatory purchases at any dollar amount. If a Federal employee identifies an AbilityOne product with a price that seems exceptionally high, they are asked to bring it to the attention of the Commission staff for review. Recent procurement reform measures did not create any exceptions to the requirement to buy AbilityOne. Neither "micropurchasing" authority nor the use of the government purchase card waivers supersedes or bypasses the AbilityOne requirement.

Internet Purchases

  • AbilityOne.com
    AbilityOne.com is the AbilityOne Program's one-stop shop for the most complete offering of SKILCRAFT® and other AbilityOne products as well as selected commercial items. Next-day delivery is standard for the most popular AbilityOne items; other AbilityOne products are delivered in seven to fourteen days.

  • GSA Global Supply On-Line Shopping Service
    GSA Global Supply is the source for all your product needs, from paper clips to paint. GSA Global Supply carries only products that are managed by GSA. When you order from GSA Global Supply you can order at any time and are guaranteed full compliance with government acquisition policies and socio-economic regulations. AbilityOne supplies are identified with the AbilityOne logo AbilityOne Logo.

  • GSA Advantage! On-Line Shopping Service
    GSA Advantage! is an Internet-based shopping service with millions of products and negotiated savings. Many of the most commonly used AbilityOne supplies are available through GSA Advantage! and are identified with the AbilityOne logo. GSA, multiple AbilityOne distributors, and offer competitive pricing and convenient delivery options.

  • The Department of Defense FedMall
    From AbilityOne SKILCRAFT®, office supplies and cleaning products to military-unique items, you can find it on the DoD EMALL. Department of Homeland Security customers have been instructed to utilize the Department of Defense EMALL except in cases where an AbilityOne-operated Base or Federal Supply Center (NIB/SourceAmerica retail store) is available at their location.

Phone or Fax Purchases

  • GSA Customer Supply Center
    Phone: (800) 525-8027
    Fax: (800) 856-7057

  • AbilityOne Authorized Commercial Distributors
    Use an AbilityOne authorized commercial distributor to obtain AbilityOne products along with commercial items. These authorized distributors offer a wide range of AbilityOne products, with competitive pricing and convenient delivery terms. Click here for a list of authorized AbilityOne distributors.

AbilityOne Assistance

Need help with ordering? Call our toll-free customer hotline at 800-433-2304 for assistance. Or, for more information, send us an email at info@abilityone.gov.

Essentially the Same (ETS)

In accordance with 41 CFR 51-5.3(a), “When a commodity is included on the Procurement List, the mandatory source requirement covers the National Stock Number or item designation listed and commodities that are essentially the same as the listed item.” Commission Policy 51.541 further defines this requirement and can be found at https://www.abilityone.gov/laws,_regulations_and_policy/commission_policy_51_500.html. The Commission will accept and review a waiver request to purchase ETS products. The request for waiver is below.

Download Customer ETS Waiver (DOCX).

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