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Independent Distributors

The reference file provided below identifies commercial firms currently authorized to distribute AbilityOne® Program products to Federal customers as required by FAR 8.7. These items typically carry the SKILCRAFT® brand name. Firms marked with an asterisk (*) currently deliver AbilityOne products through their catalog programs, but not in their retail stores. For more information, please contact Mike Jurkowski, Commercial Distribution Coordinator, at 703-785-6404 or mjurkowski@abilityone.gov. Please note that the distributors listed are required by the AbilityOne Program to substitute the appropriate AbilityOne item in the event a Federal customer inadvertently orders a commercial item that is "essentially the same" as an AbilityOne product.

Download Independent Distributors File (XLSX).

ETS Files

The reference files provided below identify the commercial items available from the authorized AbilityOne wholesalers that have been determined to be 'Essentially the same" (ETS) as items provided through the AbilityOne Program. The ETS commercial items should not be placed on any Federal contracts or Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPAs). In addition, many of the ETS commercial items must be blocked from sale to Federal customers in an automated fashion through your order-entry system. This is not a comprehensive list of ETS items. Other commercial items not available from the authorized AbilityOne wholesalers may be considered ETS.

Download Consolidated ETS File (XLS).

Download Consolidated ETS File – Toner Cartridges (XLS).

ETS Challenges

In accordance with Commission Policy 51.541, Requirement to Purchase Products On The Procurement List Instead of “Essentially The Same (ETS)” Items, Section 7,(b) Exception to Policy, the Commission will accept and review challenges to commercial products that have been designated as ETS. Please review the entire policy at https://www.abilityone.gov/laws,_regulations_and_policy/commission_policy_51_500.html. The form for the challenge is below.

Download Distributor ETS Challenge (DOCX).

AbilityOne Distributors Price Change Schedule

Download Price Change Schedule

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